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About Magellan Motorcycle Tours

Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer who organised the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe was passionate about travel and exploration. At Magellan Motorcycle tours we share that passion and aim to offer the most accessible, affordable and best led motorcycle tours in both Europe and further afield. Take a tour with us and we’ll make sure that everything is thought of and that you can relax and enjoy the journey, get off the main tourist routes and discover a wealth of unbeatable roads.

With so many great motorcycle tours available our customers are spoilt for choice and with over 10 years experience travelling in more than 40 countries we will ensure that any tour you take with us will not only be a great holiday, but truly an experience to remember.

Meet the Team


Owner & Lead Guide

Felix setup Magellan to enable people to explore new countries and destinations on their bikes easily and safely. To provide everyone access to local’s knowledge on the best roads to ride and sights to visit all the while enjoying it in the company of fellow bikers.

He has travelled to over 50 countries and ridden bikes in most of them including China, Mongolia and Nepal. When not reccying new routes you’ll find him leading tours and loving it!


Operations Manager

Charlie lives down in sunny Cornwall with his young family and pair of sausage dogs, he’s an organisational wizard and having travelled extensively throughout Europe and beyond in his younger days loves living vicariously through our riders while he’s now mostly stuck at home.

We do allow him out of his cave from time to time though so you may well spot him on one of your trips. When you do make sure you tease him about how low he has to have his seat!


Marketing & Support

Kim is passionate about travelling and is a real stickler for detail so is perfectly suited to manning the marketing efforts here at Magellan. She speaks five languages and has not only travelled the world extensively but has also lead groups on off road adventures through Africa and Asia, so keeping us all in check is a doddle for her!

In her spare time she’s also keen cook, running a regular supper club. If you ever get the chance to go to one jump at it, they’re ace.


Tour Leader

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland then lived for over 50 years in Lossiemouth (Moray), Nick worked in the Whisky Industry for 25 years prior to moving into Construction and retiring in 2015 aged 55 to move with his French wife to the south of France where they now live in a restored farm house with their border collie – Lewis.

From aged 15, commencing with a Puch sports moped, Nick loved exploring country lanes and further afield. This led to a love of motorcycles which has continued throughout his life having never been without one and now having a collection of three bikes of which his GS1200 is his current touring bike of choice.


Tour Leader

Billy lives on a little island on the Inner Hebrides of Scotland called Tiree. He’s been biking mad his whole life and loves meeting people out on the road.

Not only is he a great rider and all round good egg he’s also a black belt martial artist so don’t mess with him when you’re away!


Tour Leader

Ben is an engineer by trade living in Nottingham where he was brought up by a motorcycling Dad and a Mum without a car licence. So you could say he’s been motorcycle touring since his first childhood holiday to Wales on the back of a 125 Honda!

He loves riding his bike, travelling to new places and meeting new people and there’s only one thing that combines all three! He currently rides (and occasionally falls off) a 2012 R1200gs which of course means he also thinks he owns the road and will only wave to other BMW riders!


Tour Leader

He’s a bike nut who has been repressed by 24 years in the Royal Navy as a Clearance Diver followed by 13 years working all around the worlds war zones clearing landmines and UXO (UneXploded Ordnance).

Sounds grand but its hot, crappy and of course dangerous so he knows he looks older than his 50 plus years!! Now he’s a published author who also guides motorbike tours around Europe. How cool is that?

toby the guide


Tour Leader

Toby thoroughly loves riding motorbikes and enjoying lifes challenges and experiences. Managing a full time job covering Cornwall and Devon, 3 x business and volunteering for Cornwall Blood Bikes in his spare time life can be pretty hectic at the best of times. He likes nothing more than being on the open road on his motorbike with friends both old and new, experiencing new things and finding new adventures, be it in the UK or in Europe, or even further afield.

Toby, together with Mark has a YouTube Channel, RiderCamTV, that focuses on motorbikes and their adventures and he says that, thanks to motorbikes, there will always be friends to meet and new places to go.

You can never underestimate the adventures and experiences with exceptional people that you can have on a motorbike! Here’s to the next tour!

join us at magellan

This could be you….

Have you ever wanted to guide motorcycle tours ? We’re always on the lookout for guides to help with our ever expanding lineup of trips.

Drop us an email with some background about yourself, riding  experience, language skills etc.. and you never know you too might one day by flying the Magellan Flag on one of our tours…

Harz Mountains Tour 2015. Great trip, great roads, great company, great organisation. Looking forward to being with Magellan Motorcycle Tours once again in 2016.
Paul T
A well put together itinerary that saw some amazing scenery. Enjoyable trip spent with lovely people, guiding was informative and tour went smoothly.

Thankyou Felix for your company and effort to make our tour so enjoyable.I would definitely come again and recommend you to friends.

Patrick C
Another terrific trip, I thought last year’s would take some beating but this years in France was truly one to remember. It was completely different from the other trips I’ve taken on the continent, the day to day organisation was excellent as always and I was thankful of our guide’s language skills a few times as ever.
Grace B
why magellan motorcycle tours

Our Escorted Motorcycle Tours

We take the utmost care in selecting the routes for our motorcycle tours so that none of the days have excessive mileages and that they are suitable for riders of all abilities. Each itinerary is flexible and ever rider is provided with a comprehensive tour pack allowing people the option of breaking away and going at their own pace while always having the support of their experienced tour leader.
As important as the route is the accommodation and facilities at the end of each day. We have comprehensively researched all our destinations and have good established relationships with all our hotels. Location, proximity to amenities and secure parking where available all factor into our choice and only high quality accommodation makes it onto out tour itineraries. The food where included is again of a high standard and almost always consists of three course set evening meals but we also go out to good local restaurants and explore the places we stay in too.
Many people finish one of our tours having made friends they meet up with time and again over the following years. An organised tour is a great way of meeting like minded people and sharing an adventure. We do all the hard work leaving you free to ride, relax and socialise.
Our mission has always been to share our passion for exploring the world on two wheels and open up motorcycle tours to everyone not just those with huge budgets. We promise to help you to travel with complete confidence and have the best possible experience.

Our Skills

Multi Lingual 100%
Highly Experienced 100%
First Aid Trained 100%
Good Fun 100%
This is the first organised tour we have tried. The organisation was first class, good hotels, good food, good company, fantastic scenery and roads.

We were with a group of very friendly, likeminded motorcyclists. Everywhere we went and almost without exception, everyone was welcoming and friendly and went out of their way to be helpfull.

Our tour guide deserves a medal for his patience and fortitude, always keen to help, a wiz with the satnav and a linguist to boot. The trip was over all too soon, we’re saving for another.

Helen S
Back in the day to day routine in the UK it seems like a dream when I think back to my tour, the best scenery, food and roads I have ever experienced on a motorcycle. If I ever had any fears or problems I knew I could come to you at any time and you would bend over backwards to help. The support throughout was excellent and the knowledge that at the end of the day’s riding we would be safely tucked up in a warm bed and have had a hearty dinner meant we could enjoy every minute to the fullest.
William H
I would recommend Magellan to anyone without a second’s hesitation… I had all the usual concerns around how the itinerary would be managed and how a group would get on in a remote environment. It’s fair to say that I had absolutely no cause for worry – the experience was incredible in every way! The tour leader from Magellan opened our eyes to everything the country had to offer, kept us all entertained and expertly took care of all logistical issues. Thanks for everything!
David R

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