A little bit about me
I had my first bike for my 16th birthday, a Yamaha 50cc of some kind. On my 17th I upgraded to a Lambretta 175 which I eventually did my full bike test on- then I took a fairly long break until I was 50 and bought the beautiful Suzuki Volusia 800. All shiny chrome, huge footplates and really quite nippy. I did a couple of years on her but realised that I was scraping the footplates more often than not. I needed a bike that could go around a bend! A friend suggested the TDM 900 which I loved. I did my IAM test on it and then became an IAM observer for 4 years. I was also a blood biker for 4 years in Gloucestershire riding RT’s and Pan Europeans. My current bike is the KTM 1190 which I absolutely adore, I’ve had her 4 years now and done 2 Magellan tours on her. Spain and Portugal in 2016 with Felix and then Morocco last year with Billy and Storm. She’s a bit of a hooligan at times but she’s just so much fun (she’s called Ginge.)

What trips have you been on?
Picos, Morocco, Balkans

Why did you choose to ride with Magellan?
I wanted to go to Spain and Magellan was the only company with space at short notice! But once I arrived I realised what an amazing stroke of luck that was- I got on so well with Felix and I loved the trip. The kind of trip that it was attracted such lovely people, the kind of people I really want to spend time with which was great. I loved the fact that the tour was so relaxed which meant that I could be alone or part of the group which was really nice.

What worries did you have that ended up being okay?
I was very worried about the SatNav, as I have never used one before! Thankfully the guides were really helpful and knowledgeable- in fact there were videos on the Magellan Youtube channel that explained loading the routes on etc.

I was also worried about socialising as I was the only woman on my first tour (in 2016), but it certainly wasn’t a boy’s club. As I have now gone on more tours there have been far more women on the tours and lots more topics of conversations around the dinner table, it’s certainly not just all about bikes!

How were the guides?
The guides? What can I say… Billy and Storm were so delightful with everything, I really felt like they had my back if anything was to go wrong! Felix is so lovely, he handles the occasional difficult character so well- but mostly it’s the fact that he makes the group really feel like family, and somehow he has managed to teach all his guides how to do that as well.

Did you tour before Magellan? And if so why did you switch?
I went to France twice about 8/9 years ago with another tour company, but now I have been with Magellan I can’t imagine ever using another tour company.