A little bit about me
I started riding at age 39 as a result of a dare! Soon after I passed my test me and my husband David rode up the cobbled hairpins of the Grossglockner high alpine pass- clinging on for dear life! We went away every year and rode 3000 miles in two weeks each time until he passed away in 2017. This year I was looking for a way to go on a motorbike holiday with company and the Magellan tour fit in nicely with what I was looking for. Such a nice bunch of people and such an amazing trip.

What trips have you been on?
I have been on the amazing Norway and Arctic circle tour with Magellan and previously I had been on a tour of the North Coast 500 with a company that has now closed. I’m excited to hear that Magellan are offering a Self-guided adventure that encompasses this amazing road.

Why did you choose to ride with Magellan?
I found and read the tour details and they seemed to fit with what I wanted. I wanted to have support and backup but not being dictated to, or feel like a crowd of ducklings following the guide. The coffee stops and lunch stops being suggested rather than enforced and the timings being thought out but flexible gave us independence and flexibility.

What worries did you have that ended up being okay?
I was concerned about being tired as the tour progressed but actually I got less tired! I didn’t have any worries about socialising as i have always been ‘one of the boys’, but i loved how everyone mixed together and got on so well. I am 53 years old and 153cm tall…if I can reach the Arctic Circle, any girl can! 🙂

How did you find the hotels and the guides?
The hotels were really great, absolutely spot on. They all had good quality nice food but not in any way pretentious, the balance of quality without pretension or dressing for dinner was exactly what I like, and what I would look for in a hotel I was choosing. Felix was very professional, approachable and unflappable.