A little bit about me
I started touring 7 years ago after buying a Suzuki WeeStrom. My first trip was spent riding around the UK with a huge smile on my face! I loved it so much I decided to book my first escorted European tour with a company that no longer exists, however I ended up hating it so much I did a couple of trips around France and Spain on my own. After a while I fancied something a bit different and that’s when I discovered Magellan and the Norway tour they were offering. After reading through the reviews and being impressed with the length of the tour I booked straightaway! Unlike the other company I had used Magellan didn’t use the drop off system, I liked the fact I had the freedom to ride on my own or team up in small groups or just chill with the guides.

What trips have you been on?
I have been on 2 tours so far, Norway and Morocco. I have 2 more trips already booked! A self guided tour to Croatia and Romania next July.

Why did you choose to ride with Magellan?
I personally like the length of your 3 week tours as I don’t ride any other time of the year.  I was browsing online and found the Arctic circle tour and 21 days of riding was very appealing.

What were you worried about that ended up okay?
At first when I looked at the mileages involved  I worried that I wouldn’t be bike fit to ride that far every day, but each day is broken down into 4 manageable chunks and I actually really enjoyed it to the point I didn’t notice the mileage.  The Norway tour was 4,000 miles in total and I loved it!

How did you find the hotels and the guides?
I have found the hotels to generally be of a good quality. The majority of them are out of the big cities, which allows you to get to the hotel without battling through rush hour traffic.

What can I say about the tour guides I have met Felix, Mark and Billy so far and what a great bunch of lads they are! I have always found them very helpful for any and all problems that crop up, from crashed bikes to crashed SatNavs nothing seems to faze them.