A little bit about me
I have been riding since I was 19 but mostly commuting in towns and cities. The first time I did a big trip was in the 70’s when I went to Ireland on a Honda 250!  I hadn’t been away with the bike until earlier this year when I went to Spain with my son, all through the Pyrenees for two weeks and 2000 miles. Having had that experience I felt more confident with packing and setting the bike up.

What trips have you been on?
I’ve been on the amazing Norway and Arctic Circle tour with Magellan, which was my first tour with a touring company! It was so fantastic that I’ve already booked Romania and Croatia in 2019.

Why did you choose to ride with Magellan?
I was browsing online wanting a tour going to Iceland, but I found that it was a bit hard to get to- especially if I wanted to take my own bike! When I found the Magellan site with the Arctic circle tour it sounded mega! That combined with the length of the tour and the really good reviews convinced me. It was a bit like jumping into the unknown but it really seemed like the right fit with what I wanted. I read the itinerary and thought ‘I’ll have some of that!’

What worries did you have that ended up being okay?
My main worry was the last days ride of 400 miles from the border of Denmark to the Hook of Holland, but in the event it was fine because it was built up to!  There was such good planning and we were really lucky with the weather throughout, it’s so nice to be able to say I’ve done a ride that long in just one day! The tour packs helped with getting everything prepped, although I had been to Spain with my son earlier in the year and learnt that less is more! I wasn’t worried about the people as I tend to get on with everyone but everyone was amazing!

How did you find the hotels and the guides?
The hotels were generally really good and overall for the money it was a really fair balance with some well above the standard you’d expect, but all clean and tidy and comfortable.

The guide did a brilliant job. The format was amazing with good briefings for those who needed it who perhaps hadn’t travelled much. It was a formula that works well with the coffee meet-ups etc all planned or suggested but all driving separately at our own paces giving us all a chance to grow our confidence and ability. Good to have that support on hand should you need it but not feel constrained.