A little bit about us
I (Martin) started touring with friends on sports bikes in Scotland and Wales, Alison my wife was never keen to get on the back of a sports bike as we were both crippled after an hour! I traded the bike in for a GS1200 in 2015 and covered 12,000 miles, most of which were Magellan miles with Alison as pillion. We have also toured the North Coast 500 in Scotland, Cornwall and have a 7 day tour of Ireland in August this year.

What trips have you been on?
The Italy tour in 2015 and the Spain: Picos & Portugal tour in 2016.

Why did you choose to ride with Magellan?
The itinerary, also the website looked the best and the prices were reasonable.

What worries did you have that ended up being okay?
I (Alison) was worrying about a number of things as a pillion, quite a list actually, as most women would! Will there be other couples? Women? Will they all be bike fanatics? Routes, maps, safety, language barriers, riding gear, meals, hotels and how on earth were we to pack everything into 3 panniers? When our information pack arrived from Magellan, I was relieved to read the answers to a lot of questions I’d been chewing over. Our guide was happy to help with any other questions via email too. The information pack was extremely professional and the level of detail in it demonstrated the expertise of the tour operator. Excitedly we began the countdown to our motorbike adventure.

How did you find the hotels and the guides?
All hotels were well positioned in the towns and cities as well as being traditional of the location.
Felix was our guide on both trips, 2nd trip Toby and Mark joined us as apprentice guides. All were very good and enthusiastic to make your holiday go well.

What trips are you going to do in the future?
We are both busy people so we are waiting for the 2019 dates to be released before we choose.
Morocco, Norway and America all look amazing.