How much money should I take on tour?

How much money should I take on tour?

To a certain extent that really is up to you, we provide around half the evening meals on all the tours as well as all breakfasts but you will need some cash for lunches and drinks. We tend to stop at bakeries or similar for cheap lunches on the go and a really good 3 course meal should set you back no more than 20 euros on the evenings where they aren’t included. We always give you a rough idea of the mileages involved when we send out the tour pack which should let you budget for petrol as it is generally around the same price as in the UK, we also avoid motorways as much as we possibly can so tolls are kept to a minimum. ATMs are prevalent all over Europe and will let your get out local currency but they do generally charge for this so its worth bringing sufficient funds with you or getting a debit credit card that doesn’t charge you for foreign currency withdrawals. At the time of writing the Halifax do a good deal and might be worth looking at…



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