What does an escorted tour entail?

What does an escorted tour entail?

Your guide will be with you all along the route, helping you check into hotels, providing evening and/or morning briefings and making sure everyone is ready for each day’s ride. We do it differently to most companies in that we encourage people to ride each day at their own pace. We don’t use the marker or drop of system with the guide at the front and everyone racing to keep up, instead you all have all the stops (coffee1/lunch/coffee2/hotel) loaded into your satnavs. People naturally split off into little groups of three or four bikes and ride different sections of the days together meeting up at coffee and lunch stops. The guide is usually towards the back of the various groups so is always on hand if required during the day not having ridden off to prop up the hotel bar!

Doing it this way allows people to stop more frequently if they fancy, take photos, explore different roads if they like and generally to enjoy the scenery that we ride through as opposed to racing to the destination each night. We have always found this system works best as it gives the riders the freedom to explore places along the way and stop whenever they wish.



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