Bike Safe Course  — The clue is in the Name !

Bike Safe Course  — The clue is in the Name !

One of our Europe Grand tour riders had recently completed the police bike safe course before coming away with us and couldn’t have praised it highly enough so we asked him do do a quick writeup for you!

“Getting back into biking after a 30 ish  year hiatus I was recommended this course by a buddy. I attended the one day course in Plymouth, Devon and learnt loads.

Run by your local police bikers, Bikesafe is aimed at giving you the distilled wisdom of the police riding technique, which has been developed over decades to keep the rider as safe as possible. The morning is a series of short talks backed up by video of techniques such as road positioning in bends, safest positon at junctions, overtaking technique, etc. The afternoon is taken up by an observed ride with two or three riders riding in convoy with a police biker in full kit. Sounds a bit worrying, but I fact this was the best bit, and the police biker was just great.

For the first half hour you follow him and he demonstrates road positioning, overtaking technique, etc… then there is a short debrief. After which each rider takes a turn to lead with the police biker in second slot for half an hour each. The police biker then gives feedback on your riding technique. Finally a written assessment is provided on your performance back at base, which in my case was the Plymouth fire station.

I found the day extremely useful, and would recommend it to everyone on two wheels.  The best £35 I’ve spent in ages.

Google Bikesafe and go and do it!

Highly recommended.”

Old Biker on a mission



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