Simple Corrosion Protection for your bike during the winter.

Simple Corrosion Protection for your bike during the winter.

Well here we are, finally winter is arriving and the road safety gnomes are beginning to salt the roads. Great for keeping the ice at bay, not so great for your pride and joy. Salty water coating followed by keeping the bike in a nice humid garage is the worst possible corrosion promoter. Never fear! There is an easy to protect the bike all winter for a few quid and about an hours work.

First wash the bike and remove all of the crud using a pressure washer or hose with jet adapter and elbow grease. Once you have a clean and shiny dry bike now comes the clever bit. There is a spray product ACF50 (Anti Corrosion Formula50) developed by the aerospace industry to protect all metal, plastic and electronics in aircraft. Buy it from Ebay or one of the online bike shops, less than £15 normally. Widely used by the military on aircraft carriers etc. Very easy to apply, you can spray the whole bike with one can, although we usually avoid spraying the tyres and brakes however, as it has lubricant properties. Best way to protect these is simply to wrap them with old blankets or dustsheets. Then spray under the seat area, wiring, electronics, plastics, engine, forks etc, etc. After leaving it to penetrate all the crevices for about 10 minutes wipe any excess off with a rag and then buff up the shiny bits.  Job Done !

The ACF50 leaves a film over the surfaces which protects against corrosion (supposedly it actually bonds with metal surfaces, but being a chemist I am sceptical about this manufactures claim). A single application will however last several months of average riding, and lots of washes to keep the bike looking like new, or at least as good as it did when you applied the ACF50!

If you can’t be bothered, or have difficulty finding the time, you can pay for a mobile service to come over and to do all of this for you, about £60-£80 will cover it.

Ride safe !

Ferdinand the Blog Monkey



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