The New Africa Twin

The New Africa Twin

africa twin

This ladies and gents might just be the most important new bike of 2014. Finally a real ADV bike make for dirt not just the morning commute. Information is sparse on the ground at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan with the sole release reading:

Inspired by both Honda’s fantastic heritage in adventure motorcycling and our recent Dakar program, the True Adventure Prototype captures the product direction as Honda seeks to expand its presence in the Adventure segment. This prototype has been developed to deliver outstanding off-road capability, and could provide the basis of a true round-the-world motorcycle. It’s influenced by the current Team HRC and the CRF450 RALLY.

The guys at managed somehow to get a bit more of a scoop on it

What you’re looking at is a 1,000cc, liquid-cooled parallel-twin motor housed in a steel tube cradle frame. Its seat is long and slim, allowing the variable body positions required by real dirt riding, but still looks wide and cushioned enough to facilitate long-term comfort. That seat continues a long ways forward, up onto the dirt bike-style tank. Will that small tank give it a limited fuel range? Our sources say no, because the airbox is moved outboard of the frame, behind the left side plastic. Traditionally, that airbox lies below the fuel tank, eating up much of its potential volume.

Notice anything missing? Look closely. Closer still. That’ right, there’s no clutch lever. That’s because the CRF1000L (as it will also be known) is equipped with a Dual Clutch Transmission

africa twin

Very exciting stuff! Day to day I have migrated away from the big ADV bike but the classic Africa twin is still one of my all-time favorites, I wonder if this new one can knock it off its pedestal?




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