The Royal Enfield Concept store London

The Royal Enfield Concept store London

Trekking down Cambridge Heath road the other day we spotted the new, well new to us anyway, Royal Enfield Concept store located with TTTmotorcycles at number 395-399. 
What a great place ! Royal Enfield opened this store in 2014 to promote the brand and to give bikers direct access to their new range of ‘retro’ bikes. By retro I mean bikes that look like the Enfields we remember from the 60s but which are now built to more modern standards in India. They really have some good looking bikes, not the top of the modern technology tree perhaps , but they do look so cool! My favourite has to be their Continental 535GT cafe racer in red, a single cylinder time machine to take you back to the ACE cafe crowd for less than £5,000. My buddy Jerry had one that I remember looked exactly like it in 1969.

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Linton who runs the store is an Aussie biker who is always ready with a warm welcome and a coffee and will chat about all things Enfield for hours. Couple this to a cracking range of bikes, some super gear and direct access to Enfield parts and customisation bits and you have the recipe for a happy half hour dose of bike browsing in central London. 
Visit their website at,  browse the online shop, watch the store opening video, or just drop in on Linton and say David from Magellan sent you for a warm welcome and some nostalgia with a modern flavour.



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