Helmet fitting advice

Helmet fitting advice

One of our guides recently decided that it was time to replace his trusty but aging (5 year old) Shoei helmet. The pads inside had begun to get worn and as the foam compresses over time the helmet had become rather looser than he was comfortable with. Hard decision as it had seen him through over 9,000 Km of European tours in recent years and some long UK trips too !

Anyway…….. he quite fancied a flip open design this time and from seeing other riders with them they are obviously much more flexible when taking photos, paying at toll booths, garages etc. He visited our local large dealership and started trying on potential helmets which were supposedly  ‘his size‘. He is a 60cm head so needs a large in most makes. There are several good guides on to how to determine the right size for you on the internet, for example here : http://www.eastsussexwheels2work.co.uk/buying-a-motorcycle-helmet-size-fitting-guide/.

However trying on lots of helmets soon revealed a major problem. One manufacture’s idea of large is very different from another’s idea of large. Also the arrangement of the pads varies a lot and this affects the comfort factor immensely. A number of makes ‘fitted‘ but were uncomfortable, and several makes supposed to be large were just too tight to be sensible.

He went to the NEC Motorcycle Live event and spent a whole morning trying on literally dozens of helmets before settling on a Schuberth C3 basic (see part 2 soon for a review). This make was not even on his original list of potential new helmets.

So the moral is by all means get the best deal by internet shopping but DON’T buy a helmet unless you have tried it on !

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