Muc-off motorcycle cleaner

Muc-off motorcycle cleaner

muc-offThis is our bike cleaner of choice and basically the name says it all. A very unlikely looking bright pink liquid available in 1L squirty bottles and much larger refill plastic packs this stuff is simply magic!
Just wet the bike all over with a gentle hose and then squirt muc-off all over as directed. Leave for about 5 mins and agitate to loosen any stubborn looking mud and stuff, we use a soft brush from a dustpan & brush set for this. Then hose off again, this time with a bit if water pressure. Amazing ! The dirt just rinses off. Great for regular cleaning, and if you get a big bargain refill pack it works out at only about £4 per clean.

Regular treatment after bad weather or salted roads does cracking job of keeping the rust gremlins at bay as well as making the bike look pristine again.

They claim it uses nano-technology to break the adhesion of dirt to the dirty surface and for once the hype is believable.
Get yours from getgeared or on eBay.
Highly recommended..



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