Review of the month – June – Oxford Bone dry waterproof oversuit

Review of the month – June – Oxford Bone dry waterproof oversuit

Oxford Bonedry suit


Oxford bone dry waterproof over suit review from one of our guests:

I ride with an old Dainese D-dry jacket and Belstaff  trousers, both Nikwax proofed regularly. Pretty shower proof, but with a tour of Europe looming I felt that more was needed in case of serious adverse weather. The Oxford “bone dry” range includes a complete lined one piece over suit, and I picked one up brand new for just over £30 online. I bought a large to match the large size of my jacket and it fits perfectly.
The suit is relatively light, robustly made, packs pretty small and is easy to get into due to the shoulder to groin diagonal zip. Zip and Velcro lower legs, elastic cuffs and storm overlaps all work well.
The acid test was a 5 hour solid downpour during my ride over “the Route des grand Alps” in France. Not a drop got in, and the extra windproofing the double layer suit provided was very noticeable as the temperature dropped over the passes and through the deserted ski stations.
All in all the suit has been used half a dozen times since and each time I emerged bone dry (if a little sweaty occasionally, e.g. on a rainy day in 27deg heat, as the suit is waterproof in both directions!).
Highly recommended as essential gear when touring, nothing worse than being wet and cold on the bike and then arriving for the overnight stop with a heap of wringing wet gear.
Only down side …. The palaver of stripping down to go to the loo!




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