Schuberth C3 helmet review

Schuberth C3 helmet review

As you will have read in part 1, this helmet took a lot of research before finally being settled on. Full manufacturers Information can be found here :

Our guide chose a white helmet for maximum visibility. The fit is very comfortable, with the inner lining being soft but firm, removable and fully washable. The flip mechanism is well engineered with a very solid feeling when closed, and it feels just like a full face helmet. The opening tab at the front in the centre is easy to locate, even with winter gloves on and works well. The instructions tell you to open the helmet before putting it on which is makes donning your helmet easier than with a snug full face helmet. The flip design allows the incorporation of a ‘wind cheater’ chin piece in the flip section which contributes to both the comfort and quietness of the helmet at speeds. The glass fibre shell is light and looks very well constructed. The fastener is a plastic micro lock ratchet system, quite different from my old Shoei double D ring system, but easy to use and adjust.

One small issue could be that the plastic is hard and rubs against your neck, but adjusting the padding carefully and wearing a neck snood solves this. The helmet has an integral visor, specific to the helmet with a pin lock system fitted to prevent misting up. A nice touch is the shaped sun visor inside the main visor which retracts totally into the helmet when not in use. This allows riding with the sun visor down to protect the eyes but the main visor open for a fresh air feeling similar to an open face helmet. There is a chin level and top of the head ventilation system, which is adjustable to give a nice flow of air.

In use the helmet is very comfortable, and seems both lighter and quieter than the old Shoei which was a surprise. Recommended retail price for these is £399 but he got his at £239 buying direct from the Schuberth stand at Motorcycle Live. It is possible to find these helmets as low as £210 on the internet, but usually only in less popular sizes ie small or XXL.

Overall a very good purchase and recommended.

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