Servisol 10 switch cleaner. The magic medicine for electrical gremlins

Servisol 10 switch cleaner. The magic medicine for electrical gremlins

Came across this product when having trouble with intermittent faults in a potentiometer in an electronics project. About £7 for an aerosol can on EBay, lasts for years.

Cleans and lubricates switch gear and connectors, leaving a thin anti corrosion film. Sounds simple, but in reality it’s magic for those bike electrical gremlins!

On a recent French tour my ST1100 indicators started behaving very strangely. In the valleys they worked find, but once at altitude right hand flasher would not switch on at all. Down in the valley again all was fine ! This went on for several days.  I guessed condensation and a dirty switch was to blame. So using the neat little tube supplied I inserted and liberally sprayed the inside of the switch gear on the left hand bar with Servisol10 until it dripped out. Voila! No more problem.

Later this year my low fuel light came on although the tank was full. The  fuel gauge continued to work normally, so the float sender system was OK, but the low fuel light stayed on over several tank fill ups. Honda it seems operate a fail safe design here, so if the sensor that controls the light gets no signal then the light comes on. Tracked down the connector block for the sensor, disconnected and squirted liberally with servisol10, and once reconnected, light goes off and works as it should. Magic!

So keep an aerosol of this magic stuff in your tool kit, and first try spraying the inside switches and connector blocks before assuming something has failed .

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