The ULTIMATE riding suit..

The ULTIMATE riding suit..

  I am not over-exaggerating here when I say that the Klim ‘Badlands Pro’ suit is the best thing I have ever had the pleasure of wearing while riding. I have had my fair share of suits, and realistically we all know how awful it is when you end up with a suit that isn’t properly waterproof, doest fit right or isnt quite airtight so you get an uncomfortable breeze on a freezing Alpine road! I have had none of these problems with the Badlands Pro suit, and all round it gets a pretty brilliant review from me.
     Venting is something that is so key when you’re riding long distance, as I have found while touring- getting too hot and sweaty is a bloody killer when you haven’t planned a coffee break for another two hours. The guys at Klim take venting so seriously, the jacket doesn’t just have a few token vents, the whole jacket literally opens up (as do the trousers) and it really gets the air flowing through to cool you down. This is perfect for me as my body temperature seems to be about 5 degrees higher than anyone else I have ever met!
     This suit is built to last, I’ve had mine a few years and I know people who have had theirs for 5+ years and still going strong with them, as RevZilla says.. the jacket is built to ‘take a licking and keep on ticking’. The armour is comprehensive (but heavy!) and there is a built in back protector and harness meaning that even with 3kg of liquid in the bladder behind the back protector it wont pull down on your back and neck.
klim badlands pro suit on tour
     I have been trying to find some photos to show you guys the suit in all its glory, however unfortunately I am either a) taking the photos or b) wearing my Helite Vest over the top so the one above is about as good as you’re gonna get, I’m sorry! It does remind me about the pockets though! The pockets are amazing.. there are 12 pockets in total, 7 outside, 4 inside and one ‘secret pocket’ for all your mission critical gear (gum, snacks, phone etc)
     Finally, i feel like in order to be unbiased I should quickly go over the negative points.. there are very few thankfully. Firstly It is super heavy, but thats the price you have to pay for such extensive armour, which in my opinion is a must for safety’s sake. I’ve heard people complain that the neck is a little low, but its never really bothered me (maybe the beard goes extra padding!). The final gripe is no longer relevant… when I bought mine it was obscenely costly (around 900 pounds for the jacket and 600 for the trousers), however it seems that they are on sale almost everywhere at the moment, so you’re in luck!
     To make up for the lack of photos of the jacket and trousers, have a little look at this beautiful shot we took on our France and Corsica tour in July of last year… just to try and tempt you for next year!
france and corsica motorcycle tour
     Well.. now for some shameless self plugging (Hey, you can’t blame me!). Fancy going on a tour this year? Why not check out our escorted and self guided tours:


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