November 2014

The New Africa Twin


This ladies and gents might just be the most important new bike of 2014. Finally a real ADV bike make for dirt not just the morning commute. Information is sparse on the ground at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan with the sole release reading: Inspired by both Honda's fantastic heritage in adventure motorcycling and our recent Dakar program, the True Adventure Prototype captures the product direction as Honda seeks to expand its presence in the Adventure segment. This prototype has been developed to deliver outstanding off-road capability, and could provide the basis of a true round-the-world motorcycle. It's influenced [...]

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July 2014

Back from Mongolia


We are back from our Mongolian adventure and what a trip it’s been. Nothing prepares you for the vastness of the steppe and the friendliness of the Mongolian people. Lots of long days on the bike were made more than worth it by some of the most dramatic and awe inspiring scenery to be found anywhere. The beauty of Mongolia is that is truly is one of the last remaining proper wildernesses, you can step off the plane hop on your bike and be out in the middle of nowhere in less than an hour. No land ownership, no fences, [...]

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