Summer glove reccomendations

Summer glove reccomendations

Today’s post is going to be a little shorter than usual because I just wanted to drop you guys a few lines about gloves now it’s gearing up to the first trips of the year. I’m sure you all know the struggle of ridiculously sweaty hands because you decided it’s not worth getting two pairs of gloves. That phase lasted about two weeks for me! I find that choosing a set of waterproof gloves for the warmer months can be a little tricky, especially if you live in the arse end of nowhere like me and have to order everything online. After a bit (a lot) of trial and error, I have found my perfect lightweight waterproof gloves.
These gloves are the BMW pro summer gloves, which were actually recommended to me when I took some further advanced training with BMW last summer. These gloves are perfect for April-September, and for any warmer trips you do where you might hit some downpours and I have found the eliminate the hand sweat problem (sorry if that’s too much information! Just trying to give you the low down)
These gloves are wind- and waterproof Goretex, with stretch leather over the knuckles and 5mm of temper foam for shock absorption. They are a sporty goat leather glove that are perfect for riding at home or touring, and they have accompanied me on many a trip! I think it’s especially good that they have high vis strips across the knuckles and on the wrist, to add an extra element of safety to your riding suit.
The only possible downside I can see to these gloves is the cost, which at ninety pounds is a little steep- but if you’re riding a lot in the summer months then I think with cost per wear they are easily worth it. They are such a fantastic quality that realistically I don’t think you’ll be able to find anything better for less.
Now.. as that’s all I have to say on this topic, in short, that I recommend these gloves 100% I thought I would intersperse this post with a few images from our recent summer trips- on which you could wear these gloves!
These are a few shots from last years Austria tour in July, a perfect time and place to wear the summer gloves! Why don’t you watch the youtube video from this tour… or check out our self-guided tour in July


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