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We are passionate in our aim to run the most comprehensive motorcycle tours and have honed our itineraries to offer the best roads and sights at a manageable pace.

Our Escorted European Motorcycle Tours are longer than most so represent excellent value for money and we are obsessive about making sure all our customers have the time of their lives. Having more rest days built in to enjoy our surroundings means we don’t have to just race from place to place ticking off the sights.  Its not just about the destination, our trips are all about the adventures you have along the way.

If you fancy an adventure outside of Europe with us scroll down a little further to see our selection of Escorted Fly Ride tours as well…

ESCORTED TOURS: A Magellan trip escorted by a dedicated and experienced tour guide who will always be on hand to help. You are responsible for your own navigation on these motorcycle tours but we provide you with a comprehensive tour pack including full itinerary, suggested routes, GPS waypoints and coffee and lunch stops. This suits most people as it allows you to ride at your own pace either in small groups or on your own but of course you are always welcome to ride with the guide if it is your first time away or you just prefer to. We only stay in high quality accommodation and many of your meals are included, although we do leave some evenings free to allow you to explore some of the places we visit and really soak up the sights. Let us do all the organising so you can ride, relax and socialise.

  • May 5th - May 16th 2019 12 days
  • May 17th - June 1st 2019 16 days
  • May 25th- June 1st 2019 8 days
  • June 1st - June 16th 2019 16 days
  • June 2nd - June 9th 2019 16 days
  • June 3rd - 23rd 2019 21 days
  • June 18th - June 28th 2019 11 days
  • June 22nd - July 12th 2019 21 days
  • June 29th- July 9th 2019 11 days
  • July 14th - July 21st 2019 8 days
  • July 27th - August 6th 2019 11 days
  • July 20th - August 9th 21 days
  • July 27th - August 16th 2019 21 days
  • August 10th - August 30th 2019 21 days
  • September 7th - September 22nd 2019 16 days
  • September 14th - September 29th 2019 16 days
  • September 22nd - October 3rd 2019 12 days
  • October 6th - October 24th 2019 19 days
  • From £1795
  • From £2095
  • From £1395
  • From £1995
  • From £1395
  • From £2895
  • From £1695
  • From £2895
  • From £1695
  • From £1395
  • From £1695
  • From £2895
  • From £2895
  • From £2895
  • From £1995
  • From £1795
  • From £2895

We frequently arrange motorcycle hire for our touring clients from abroad or those in the UK who don’t currently have their own bike or just fancy a change. We have access to a full range of modern Touring, Sports Touring and Adventure bikes as well as the full current Harley Davidson lineup through our rental partners in the South East.

Depending on provider we can arrange:

  • Airport transfers or Hotel delivery & pickup
  • Luggage storage facilities
  • Clothing, GPS, hard and soft luggage hire
  • Comprehensive breakdown and insurance
  • Unlimited mileage agreements

Let us know which trip takes your fancy, what type of bike you require and we’ll do the rest.

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