Coastline, Island and Fjord Explorer


Coastline, Island and Fjord Explorer


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Coastline, Island and Fjord Explorer

Ride THE best roads in Coastal Norway as voted by Scandinavian bikers and visit the cities of Oslo, Alesund and Bergen too.

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21 day Guided Tour
01/08/2020 - 21/08/2020

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Ride THE best roads in Coastal Norway as voted by Scandinavian bikers and visit the cities of Oslo, Alesund and Bergen too.
August 2020 led by John Raistrick.
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Magellan’s Norway tour to the Arctic Circle has consistently been one of the most popular trips on offer and it's not difficult to see why, Norway truly is in a league of its own. For anyone who has done that tour, you’d be forgiven for thinking we couldn’t possibly best it, but here we are and that’s exactly what we’ve done. With brand new routes constructed through Holland, Germany and Denmark we arrive in Norway to journey through vast national parks surrounded by craggy, dramatic peaks and deep fjords using new routes, voted as the best by Norwegian bikers. Well, one road is the same.... But who doesn’t enjoy riding the iconic hairpin riddled road of the Trolls Ladder? The tour is then constructed around two night stays in each hotel to get the most out of the stunning, scenery stacked rideouts, boat trips and island hopping.
  • Guided Tour
  • 21 Day Tour
  • 3400 miles
  • Harwich, UK

01/08/20 – 21/08/20

After meeting up with your fellow Magellanites and your guide in Harwich for the overnight crossing to Holland, we kick this amazing trip off with riding new routes through Holland, Germany and Denmark until we reach the port of Hirtshals for the ferry to Norway. Once off the ferry, we are thrust straight into true Scandinavian beauty and onto the epic roads this country boasts.

On our second day in Norway you can choose from a selection of beautiful rideouts, including the world-famous pulpit rock (Preikestolen) with its 500m vertical drop to Lysfjord. From here you head northwards skirting the stunning mountain plateau of the Hardangervidda. We explore the magical fjords, islands and National Park region, before heading northwards again to the coastal city of Bergen. We spend the following day exploring Bergen, or you can get back in the saddle for a rideout which explores the nearby islands and fjords this country is so famous for.

Mark Holroyd, Guide
Mark Holroyd, Guide

Our Norway & Sweden Scandinavia and Arctic Circle tour is so popular that we’ve launched a second Norway trip that focuses on the best possible roads in Norway. We ride totally different areas on this trip so its perfect for first timers to Norway or for those who have ridden our other trip and want to see more of this fabulous riding mecca.

Leaving Bergen and heading ever northwards we ride alongside the eerie fjords and between majestic peaks to the borders of the Jostedalsbreen National Park. Another selection of great rideouts await the following day, including exploring around the Jostedalsbreen National Park or riding the fjords and islands right to the North Atlantic Ocean.

Creeping northwards once more we have a shorter day of fjords and island hopping to get to the achingly beautiful island city of Alesund. The next day you can choose to explore Alesund, with its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture, take a boat trip, visit the Atlantic sea park, or follow our rideout to explore the surrounding islands.

Finally heading southwards, we ride the awe inspiring Trollstigen or “Ladder of the Trolls” with switchback after switchback up the mountainside and then down the spine of Norway to Lillehammer with its famous ski jumps and Olympic museum. Continuing southwards we get to the Norwegian capital city of Oslo, arriving in time to explore this fascinating city.

The following day is spent in Oslo, with its beautiful churches, fortresses, Viking ships, and maritime history before taking the overnight ferry back to Denmark. Arriving early the next day we make our way back down through Denmark, Germany and Holland to our return overnight ferry back to the UK.

Ride THE best Roads in Norway on this 21 day journey of exploration. .

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Tour highlights

Brand new routes to get to and from our jumping off point in Denmark, and ALL of the roads in Norway on this coastal tour are new for this season, with the small exception of the Troll’s ladder but how could we resist including this iconic road once more!

Visit the world-famous pulpit rock (Preikstolen) with its 500m vertical drop to Lysfjord.

Explore Alesund, arguably the most beautiful city in Norway, and Bergen the classic Norwegian coastal city with its spectacular waterfront and cable car and then ride one of the 10 the most scenic railways in the world up to the Hardangervidda plateau.

'Riding past the Fjords and seeing the just totally jaw dropping scenery that Norway has was immense. I still can't believe that I rode my bike all the way here. An amazing 'bucket list' experience. So good I might just have to do it all over again!'

Spend time exploring the Norwegian capital city of Oslo, with its many museums, Viking ships, parks, fjord cruises and fortresses.

Ride to the National Parks of Hardangervidda and the largest mountain plateau in Europe.

Explore the amazing coastal landscape of fjords and islands, carved by glaciers millennia ago, which now make up the western coast of Norway. Ferries and undersea tunnels galore!

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100 % Would recommend

Tour Map / Itinerary

Full Itinerary

Day 1

You are welcome to join your guide in the evening in the port of Harwich before we board the 23:00 Stena Line overnight ferry to Rotterdam. En-suite cabin accommodation on board.

Day 2 237 Miles

Through the open countryside of Holland and much of Germany to our overnight stop in Oldendberg.

Day 3 180 Miles

We ride through the German countryside and cross the Elbe by ferry to Flensburg.

Day 4 231 Miles

Today we ride the whole length of Denmark south to north to our hotel in the ferry port of Hirtshals.

Day 5 137 Miles

After catching an early ferry to Norway we arrive in Kristiansand, and then ride to our 100 year old traditional Norwegian hotel near Stavanger.

Day 6 120 or 190 Miles

A selection of rideouts, including to the world famous pulpit rock and the hairpins at the fjord head in Lyseboten.

Day 7 155 Miles

Heading north we ride to the edge of the awesome mountain plateau Hardangervidda.

Day 8 111 or 288 Miles

Choice of rideouts today around the fjords or the Hardangervidda National Park.

Day 9 155 Miles

Heading north again we explore the fjords on the way to our overnight stop in Bergen.

Day 10 155 Miles

Choose a rideout around the neighbouring fjords and islands, or a day off the bike to explore Bergen.

Day 11 186 Miles

Northwards once more, skirting fjords and mountains to the border of the Jostedalsbreen National Park.

Day 12 141 or 248 Miles

Another choice of rideouts in the National Park or exploring the fjords leading to the North Atlantic Ocean.

Day 13 102 Miles

Fjords and island-hopping northwards again to the achingly beautiful island city of Alesund.

Day 14 135 Miles

Choose an island hopping rideout, or a day off the bike to explore Alesund.

Day 15 243 Miles

Finally heading south again, down the spine of Norway to Lillehammer with its impressive ski jump and Olympic museum.

Day 16 104 Miles

Shorter day today to allow time to explore Oslo in the afternoon.

Day 17 Explore Day

Day off the bike to explore Oslo, and then we catch the early evening ferry for the overnight crossing to Denmark.

Day 18 220 Miles

Riding back after an early ferry arrival, through rural Denmark to our hotel in the harbour town of Flensburg.

Day 19 200 Miles

Leaving Denmark we ride through most of Germany to our hotel in Wardenburg.

Day 20 230 Miles

South through Germany and Holland to catch the overnight ferry to the UK from the Hook of Holland. En-suite cabin accommodation on board.

Day 21

Arrive back in Harwich at 6am for the final ride home.

What's included
Ferry returns Harwich – Hook of Holland with cabin and Hirtshals to Kristiansand, and Oslo to Frederikshavn with cabin.
18 Nights accommodation in good quality hotels, 2 nights ferry cabin accommodation and 9 evening meals (We do this to allow you the flexibility to explore and choose where you eat on some of the evenings).
Excellent breakfast each morning in the hotels.
Full use of all hotels’ leisure and spa facilities.
Detailed route plans and maps.
GPS routes (Garmin / Tom Tom).
Detailed daily itinerary including sights and suggested coffee / lunch stops.
Fully guided and supported by an experienced tour guide throughout.
What's not
Toll charges and ferry charges for short crossings. We will provide an estimate of costs in the tour pack.
Admission charges.
Occasional hotel parking charges.
Meals and drinks other than specified above.
Travel/Breakdown insurance covering repatriation back to the UK.

Common questions about this trip

I’ve done your other Norway and Sweden tour, is this one worth doing as well?

Absolutely, we’ve designed this tour to compliment our other itinerary as we have more time in Norway to explore some of the best and most scenic roads and routes that there simply isn’t time to see if you are going all the way to the Arctic circle.

Can I get a different crossing on this trip?

Of course, many of our clients cross by ferry from further north and some even go on the eurotunnel the day before. If you would like to do either of these and meet the group at the hotel on the first night just let us know in the comments section of your booking form and we will deduct the cost of the included crossing from your booking.

What’s the weather like on this tour?

As with any European tour the weather can be changeable but we plan these tours to ride in the best weather window in Norway. It can be wet at any stage and of course cold on occasion but a good rule of thumb is to pack as you would for riding around the UK in September time. We send out a full kit and packing list in the tour packs and are of course always happy to offer advice on packing for any of the trips if you want to drop us an email.

Is Norway as expensive as people say?

In a word, yes. We include many of the evening meals on this trip for exactly that reason and lunches are quite reasonable where we plan the stops anyhow. The real kicker is the cost of alcohol in some of the hotels but there is always a shop nearby that your guide can point you towards if you want to go and get a couple of beers or a bottle of wine to enjoy on the terraces.

I’ve heard the speed limits are really low in Norway, is this true?

In some areas they can be fairly low but most roads are in the usual 80/90kmph limit you would expect from any European country. Speed cameras in general are forward facing so not so much of an issue on bikes and police are few and far between although if caught speeding fines can be means tested and very high so do take care.

It's a long tour, will I be too tired and is it suitable for pillions?

While the number of days is high its done so that we don’t have to use motorways and can keep the daily riding times much lower than most other companies so it shouldn’t be too tiring. We also have a number rest days scheduled in with plenty of off bike activities so that combined with the standard of hotels we use on the trips makes it a perfect trip for pillions.

Is it possible to do this tour in less time?

Yes, for those with less time we now offer a shipping service so that you can ride whatever amount of the tour you have time for and then fly back while we sort having your bike collected and shipped back to your home address. Just drop us an email and we’ll price this option up for you.

More information
For general information on planning and preparing for motorcycle trips including what to pack please see our Prepare for your trip section.
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