A little bit about me
I started riding in 1966 at 16 and aside from a few gaps between bikes I haven’t stopped! Right now my touring bike is a Triumph explorer.

What trips have you been on, and what trips are you booked on?
I’ve just returned from my first Magellan tour – Italy: Lakes and Alps which was lead by the amazing Nick Dawson. It was an incredible experience, and my first Motorbike tour outside of the UK! For my first trip to the continent it was an EPIC one! All 2,300 miles door to door! I am so glad I did it, the trouble is I now have the urge to do more touring! We did not have one drop of rain! Mostly blue skies and warm temps so we were very lucky in that respect. I’m already considering which tour I might go on next year.

Why did you choose to ride with Magellan?
Magellan was recommended to me by my friend Andy, who has been on several tours with them. I decided to look through the website and found it really useful and interesting, especially the videos! I really enjoyed seeing people talking about the tours they have been on and seeing the GoPro footage of some of the routes.

What stood out about your Magellan tour/tours?
The community feel is what stood out to me most, I can’t believe how well our group gelled. In fact we now have a WhatsApp group that includes the tour guide called ‘Twisty road lovers’ where we have been catching up and arranging meet-ups (just a few weeks after the tour).

How did you find the hotels and the guides?
Nick, the tour guide was amazing, we got on really well and he was always in control of the group- we always knew what was going on and where we were going. Even on the days where people’s SatNav’s took them in different directions we all ended up in the right spot! The hotels were all of a brilliant standard, aside from a slightly cramped attic in Reims!

What touring did you do before you found Magellan tours
I had not been on a tour outside of the United Kingdom prior to this trip.