Our Team

Our experienced and friendly Office Team are here to help, just get in touch if you have any questions.

Here at Magellan we all live and breathe our trips, it’s not a hobby, it’s what we do. Our guides are extensively trained to cope with all eventualities on the road, they will be on hand to offer as much support as you need whilst away while still allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday on your own terms.

Felix Billington


Felix setup Magellan to enable people to explore new countries and destinations on their bikes easily and safely. He has travelled to over 60 countries and ridden bikes in most of them including China, Mongolia and Nepal. He now splits his time between running the company, scouting new routes and dropping in on his favourite tours.

  • 10yrs biking experience
  • Over 60 Countries visited
  • Speaks English, French & Spanish
  • Favourite trip: Norway
  • Current bikes: BMW GS 1250
  • First bike: Honda CX500
  • Wishlist bike: Harley Road King
  • Magellan superpower: Charming his way past border checkpoints

Ben Spear


Ben co-ordinates all our back office systems and keeps everyone on track delivering the finest Motorcycle Adventures in the business. He organises our guide training scheme and we also rope him in to help with a variety of events each year too. Another Uk based office bod who escapes as often as he can to lead trips across central Europe.

  • 18yrs biking experience
  • Over 16 Countries visited
  • Speaks English, German and pathetic French!
  • Favourite trip: Austrian Tyrol & Swiss Alps
  • Current bikes: BMW GS 1200
  • First bike: Yamaha RD50
  • Wishlist bike: Buel Firebolt or an old BSA
  • Magellan superpower: Ability to eat endlessly without gaining weight


Sales & SOCIAL

Leanne is the one many of you will have your first contact with as she deals with all our incoming bookings. With a background as a professional travel agent, she knows all the ins and outs of the trade and will go out of her way to make sure you end up with just the right tour for you. Like the rest of the team, she loves to chat about bike tours so don’t worry about keeping her on the phone, she’ll love the chat!

  • Doesn’t ride a bike just yet but we’re working on her!
  • Over 12 Countries visited
  • Speaks English & a little French
  • Magellan superpower: OCD attention to detail



Charlie works in our sales department whilst juggling two little ones and building his own Grand Designs dream pad. We do allow him out of his cave from time to time though so you may well spot him on one of your tours. When you do make sure you tease him about how low he has to have his seat!

  • 2yrs biking experience
  • Over 18 Countries visited
  • Speaks English & schoolboy French
  • Favourite trip: Picos and Pyrenees
  • Current bikes: HONDA NC750
  • First bike: Honda 250 CRF
  • Wishlist bike: Harley Sport Glide

David Billington


David is responsible for our lovely shiny tour packs and also sets up the thousands of hotel room and crossing bookings we make each year to make sure your trips go off without a hitch. On top of this he’s always the first to volunteer to recon new routes for us! He often recons trips in his camper-van in the winter and then goes and rides them all over again in the summer to put the finishing touches to them.

  • 46yrs biking experience
  • Over 20 Countries visited
  • Speaks English & French
  • Favourite trip: USA Pacific north west
  • Current bikes: BMW GS 1200
  • First bike: Suzuki AS50 Street scrambler
  • Wishlist bike: 1973 750 Norton Commando roadster (bought one brand new and should never have sold it!)
  • Magellan superpower: Finding the secret twisty roads the local bikers use

Naomi Sesstein


Naomi oversees the content creation wing of Magellan from the saddle of her bike. She worked for BMW before we poached her to come and ride all over the world with us and she’s a natural. An advanced rider for many years, by the time she reached 26 she had already ridden extensively across 3 continents. She’s aiming to get the next 4 cracked by the big 30, although she may trade the bike for a skidoo in Antarctica!

  • 8yrs biking experience
  • Over 30 Countries visited
  • Speaks English and a little French
  • Favourite trip: Alaska
  • Current bikes: BMW R1250GS
  • First bike: BMW F650GS
  • Wishlist bike: BMW R9T
  • Magellan superpower: Never gets awful helmet hair!

Mark Holroyd

Tour Guide

Mark is a bike nut who has been repressed by 24 years in the Royal Navy as a Clearance Diver followed by 13 years working all around the world’s war zones clearing landmines. He now guides tours all over the world for Magellan and is the only vegetarian we know who drives a Bacon lorry for fun in his spare time.

  • Over 30yrs biking experience
  • Over 40 Countries visited
  • Speaks English, Schoolboy Spanish and a smattering of Pashtun
  • Favourite trip: Norway
  • Current bikes: BMW GS 1200 Adventure
  • First bike: KTM 125
  • Wishlist bike: Honda X ADV Scooter
  • Magellan superpower: Bomb Disposal

Nick Dawson

Tour Guide

Nick worked in the Whisky Industry for 25 years prior to moving into construction and then retiring to move with his French wife to the south of France. He has never been without a motorcycle since his first Puch moped aged 16 and now has a small collection of which a BMW GS1200 is his current touring bike of choice.

  • 42yrs biking experience
  • Over 11 Countries visited
  • Speaks English, French, and some German
  • Favourite trip: France & Corsica
  • Current bikes: BMW GS 1200
  • First bike: Puch MP50
  • Wishlist bike: Norton V4RR
  • Magellan superpower: Whiskey nosing

Louisa Swaden

Tour Guide

Louisa has ridden on three continents, taken part in a motorcycle world relay, competed on the Bonneville Salt Flats and become the fastest woman on sand! She writes under the persona of ‘The Existential Biker’ aiming to encourage as many people as possible to experience life to the fullest!

  • 3yrs biking experience
  • Over 15 Countries visited
  • Speaks English and a little French
  • Favourite trip: Morocco
  • Current bikes: F850GS, Zx6r, TTR250
  • First bike: Honda CM125
  • Wishlist bike: Hayabusa 1300 Turbo made race ready by Jack Frost
  • Magellan Superpower: Inspiring you to be brilliant!

Billy Byfield

Tour Guide

Billy lives on a little island on the Inner Hebrides of Scotland called Tiree. He’s been biking mad his whole life and is an absolute whizz at fixing all types of mechanical issues by the side of the road. Not only is he a great rider and all round good egg he’s also a black belt martial artist so you’re in good hands when you’re away.

  • 22yrs biking experience
  • Over 20 Countries visited
  • Speaks German, Conversational Spanish and French
  • Favourite trip: Morocco
  • Current bikes: BMW GSA triple black
  • First bike: Vespa PK50 Roma.
  • Wishlist bike: Mint Green and Cream Lambretta
  • Magellan superpower: Macgyver Mechanical skills….Oh and Karaoke

Teresa McEvoy

Tour Guide

Teresa started her riding career after a quick spin as pillion on the back seat of her partner Andy’s bike. A love for motorcycle touring followed after a visit home to Ireland to show off the bike to her family and since then she hasn’t stopped! Working as a nurse in a busy hospital, she fills the rest of her time riding, looking at or talking about her bike!

  • 6yrs biking experience
  • Over 20 Countries visited
  • Speaks English, knows a little French and Irish, learning Spanish
  • Favourite trip: Dolomites, Lakes and Alps – Italy
  • Current Bike: R1200GS Rallye
  • First Bike: CBR 125R
  • Wishlist bike: R9T
  • Magellan Superpower: Always has a dress for dinner!

Toby Best

Tour Guide

Toby has had a wide and varied careers but currently splits his time between the Police force and his undercover role as a YouTube superstar with Mark. When not slaving away in the UK he pulls rank and guides many of our sunny Spanish trips. It’s a hard life but someone’s got to do it.

  • 7yrs biking experience
  • Over 10 Countries visited
  • Speaks English, German and Spanish
  • Favourite trip: The Spain Grand Tour
  • Current bikes: BMW GS 1200 Adventure
  • First bike: Suzuki GS 500
  • Wishlist bike: BMW Bagger
  • Magellan superpower: Computer Whizz

Andre Bajaria

Tour Guide

Andre is an engineer who decided to get a bike after a pub conversation in 2012. Since then he’s ridden in and around Europe, India, North and South America. He’s now got a little stable of bikes with his wife in the Peak District and also moonlights as a business consultant and sheep farmer.

  • 7yrs biking experience
  • Over 28 Countries across 4 continents
  • Speaks English, some French & some German
  • Favourite trip: Picos
  • Current bikes: BMW GS 1200, Triumph Speed Triple 1050R
  • First bike: DT 125
  • Wishlist bike: Triumph Hurricane X75
  • Magellan superpower: Making light of any situation

Andy Wright


Andrew is a keen amateur racer, off-road hoonigan and general all rounded bearded wonder. If that wasn’t enough he still finds the time to guide trips to a wide range of destinations each season and curate his collection of bikes (to date he has owned 15 motorcycles which he says is still not enough!).

  • 14yrs biking experience
  • Over 11 Countries visited
  • Speaks English, currently learning Spanish and French
  • Favourite trip: Switzerland
  • Current bikes: Kawasaki Z1000SX, Aprillia RSV Mille
  • First bike: Yamaha FS1E
  • Wishlist bike: Suter MMX500
  • Magellan superpower: The ability to spot a squirrel at over 100 metres!


Tour Guide

John spent 35 years in management in the steel industry around the UK and across Europe. He grew up around a bike mad father and then spent a couple of years on bikes in the seventies (Francis Barnett and Sachs trials bike) before becoming a born-again biker in 2005.

  • 14 years biking experience
  • 59 countries visited
  • Speaks English and a smattering of French
  • Favourite trip: Norway
  • Current bikes: BMW GS 1250 Adventure
  • First bike: Francis Barnett 250
  • Wishlist bike: My old dad’s 500T Norton
  • Magellan superpower: Good with pickle jar lids and wears socks that match

Andy Tofts

Tour Guide

Andy spent 22 years in the Royal Air Force prior to moving into Education, where he worked a further 22 years. He has a real passion for bikes and all things biking and is also a volunteer for the Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bikes Service (LEBBS).

  • 17yrs biking experience
  • Over 25 Countries visited
  • Speaks English quite well and can get by in French, German and Spanish
  • Favourite trip: Italy and the Alps
  • Current bikes: BMW GS 1200 Adventure
  • First bike: BSA Bantam 175
  • Wishlist bike: To have at least 10 different ones in the garage!
  • Magellan superpower: Superb performer of ‘Ernie – the Fastest Milkman in the West’


Tour Guide

Rich spent his formative years in Africa living in Zambia and travelling the central and southern continent with his family. He then joined the Royal Navy where he was part of the elite Clearance Diving Branch, travelling the globe from the southern oceans to the artic ice and lots in between. After the RN he served as a police officer with Sussex and West Mercia in a number of roles his most rewarding being a Hostage & Crisis Negotiator. Now retired he keeps busy with a second young family and volunteering with the Severn Freewheelers, his local Blood Bike group.

  • 30yrs biking experience
  • Over 20 Countries visited
  • Speaks English really rather well
  • Favourite trip: Balkans
  • Current bikes: BMW S1000XR
  • First bike: Bonnie
  • Wishlist bike: MV Augusta F4
  • Magellan superpower: Hostage Negotiator!


Tour Guide

Mark has had an intermittent love affair with bikes since 1985 after “borrowing” a friend’s Yamaha XT 500 for an afternoon. Soon after moving back to the UK in 1998 from Cape Town Mark once again swung a leg over a saddle and these days only really gets back off to do the day job as an IT project manager.

  • 34yrs biking experience
  • 18 Countries visited
  • Speaks some English and less Afrikaans
  • Favourite trip: Spain Grand Tour
  • Current bikes: BMW R1200RT
  • First bike: Suzuki GSX250E
  • Wishlist bike: Ducati diavel
  • Magellan superpower: Find a double entendre in the most innocent of comments

Guides with passion

Our guides have all travelled extensively around the world and have a shared love for everything two wheels. Magellan guides are one of the reasons our customers travel with us again and again. 
Who’ll lead your next Magellan adventure?