Flying to a far flung destination and embarking on a motorcycle tour takes some slightly different planning that travelling in your home country but we will guide you through the whole process. Below are some starting points but all of this and more is covered in our full tour packs and we’re always at the end of the phone if you have any questions.

Visas and documentation
You need to make sure that you have secured a visa or visa waiver as appropriate for your destination well in advance of travel. As well as this you’ll also need:

Valid Passport
Travel insurance
Driving licence and International Permit
Vaccination certificates if required
Colour photocopies of all above documentation

We can point you in the right direction for each appropriate Visa application for your specific tour at the point of booking.

All riders on tour must have personal travel, medical and repatriation insurance for themselves and their pillion riders in the countries that we ride through. This must cover repatriation of both in case of accident or medical emergency.

We also highly recommend that you take out insurance that covers cancellation of your holiday in case you can’t make the tour due to accident, illness or redundancy before departure.

You are totally responsible for ensuring that you have the correct level of cover for your tour.

Packing when flying
Flying with your bike gear needn’t be a chore. A helmet bag as carry on is a perfect option and a soft duffel bag with all of your gear as the main hold bag and you’re set.

Fly ride tours either have a support vehicle or luggage vehicle depending on the destination chosen, we provide a full packing list for each tour as well as advice on what luggage to use and how to pack to make your day to day life on tour as easy as possible.

On tours with a support vehicle you want to be able to carry all of your luggage with you on the bike. The goal is to have the support vehicle stay with us at all times, but breakdowns happen (both for motorcycles and the support vehicle itself) that may cause delays.

If you have all of your items on the bike then if the support vehicle experiences a delay, you will have everything you need at our overnight halt to take off your riding gear, get cleaned up, and start relaxing.

On tours with a luggage vehicle then you just need your day to day items with you and you can leave your cases in the truck and collect at the end of the day.

Instead of expensive pannier inner bags then we have always found that the supermarket hard carrier bags are the perfect option for a pannier or topbox bag and means you can easily decant your things into them on the first night of the trip and load into the panniers the following morning. Your helmet bag then goes into the duffel bag and the whole lot is folded down for storage.

Buying flights
Securing the best deal on a flight is no longer the dark art that it used to be. is a brilliant resource to help you find the best days and times to bag that elusive cheap ticket or help you plan a trip with minimal stopovers. For tours that start and end in different cities then it’s generally more cost effective to book a return flight to either the start or end point and then find a cheap internal flight to connect you so you don’t pay enormous one way surcharges. We provide specific advice for each and every tour at the point of booking to help you get your flights sorted in plenty of time.

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