Touring as a couple

Touring holidays as a couple whether on two bikes or riding pillion is a magical experience. If you’re new to touring as a couple or need some help persuading your better half then why not see what some of our featured riders have to say below.

Yvonne and Nigel

A little bit about us I think It's fair to say I’m not like most other pillions in the respect of I find myself constantly poking Nigel in the back and saying "go faster!" I absolutely love the speed and being on the back - it gives me a chance to see the scenery! Nigel … Continued

Martin and Alison

A little bit about us I (Martin) started touring with friends on sports bikes in Scotland and Wales, Alison my wife was never keen to get on the back of a sports bike as we were both crippled after an hour! I traded the bike in for a GS1200 in 2015 and covered 12,000 miles, … Continued