Satnav use has revolutionized motorcycle touring in the last decade or more, newer units have a plethora of different features that we can’t even begin to go into on these pages but the below videos will give you a good starting point on getting yours setup.

We provide a very detailed set of documentation in each tour pack to help you get your unit setup and practice its functions before you leave. We’re always happy to offer support by phone and some people even post us their devices and we set them up for them before the trip.

Garmin Satnavs

TomTom Satnavs

Mobile phone as a Satnav
Some people may prefer to use their phone’s navigation app instead of a dedicated Satnav, or have a backup in case their Satnav fails. This is quite straightforward and we give guidelines in the tour packs on how to setup up your phone and load routes prior to your tour.

Most people use or Google Maps apps and these are the ones we concentrate on but there are plenty of other options too.

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