If you’re thinking about biking in Europe then its impossible to overlook Germany. Aside from the absence of a speed limit on the autobahn (I can’t be the only one who wonders how fast I could really go), the landscape, food and culture combine to make an unforgettable trip. Oh and the beer falls into that beautiful sweet spot with reasonable prices and incredible flavours.

Because of the lack of speed limit on the autobahn German drivers tend to be incredibly courteous, mostly because they have to be when going at 200kmph! Germany especially seems to have a culture that loves bikers, they’re so welcoming in all the hotels and restaurants. In fact they seem pleased to see you everywhere… in stark contrast to some of the places in England we have found!

Lets talk food. Arguably the pinnacle of a good trip, and definitely something that can ruin a holiday if it goes wrong… thankfully, eating in Germany is pretty straight forward. Breakfast is usually ‘continental’ in style… unsurprisingly, and generally consists of bread, ham, cheese, eggs and great coffee, especially in Berlin, where the specialty coffee scene is thriving (check out Five Elephant if you have the time, with cool vibes and a fresh brew).

If you look for places called ‘Gasthaus’ or ‘Gasthof’ in more rural areas, they will without doubt make the staple German dishes of wurst and schnitzel which are the perfect thing to fill you up after a hard day’s ride (although after two weeks you often find yourself thinking ‘If i have to eat one more bloody schnitzel….!?!’).

Thankfully there is normally a lot more to choose from, with most places serving mouthwatering food at a range of prices.

If you have a sweet tooth then you absolutely have to try ‘schwarzwalder kirshtorte’.. which you may know as the eighties classic ‘black forest gateau’. Incidentally, the Black Forest is an incredible place to ride, boasting the B500 road which is consistently in the top ten roads for bikers (also we have a few tours that go there, subtle eh?). What more could a biker want, cake named after an amazing road!

The landscapes in Germany are second to none, with nine European borders and an array of castles, mountains and forests, you certainly wont be short of a decent view. Whether you’re stopping for a coffee, a rest or a meal you’ll undoubtedly have something beautiful to look at.

On top of that the roads are phenomenal, with the B500 I mentioned earlier, plus the Kyffauser in southern Harz which has 88 bends to tackle. Once you’re done there, the mountains have amazing deep forests, and idyllic winding roads. All in all, Germany is a smorgasbord of incredible roads to ride and beautiful scenery to watch flying past.

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