Although you may feel you need to travel further afield for breathtaking beauty and outstanding roads, here at Magellan we truly believe you need look no further than continental Europe. Here is a little list of our favourite motorcycle tours around Europe to whet your appetite and give you ‘itchy tyres’!

We know that you find it stressful to plan a tour, save up and find the best routes- so we take the pressure off and sort all that for you. You don’t have to worry about riding at the same speed as everyone else, but you’ll have the bonus of a sense of community, a guide who speaks the native language and you can feel safe in the knowledge any bike repairs will be sorted should anything go wrong!

Germany (Harz)

The Harz region of Germany offers some of the finest roads and scenery in Europe. A real cultural melting pot which brims over with medieval cobbled streets, timber framed buildings and magnificent castles all surrounded by the craggy peaks of the Harz Mountains. These historical monuments are linked by beautiful, empty sweeping tarmac roads.

The Harz is a true bikers paradise, often cited as Germany’s best kept secret. Our tour arrives just in time for the Walpurgis celebrations, when, according to German folklore witches meet in the mountains to commune with the gods.

Our tour won’t stop there, we ride the B500, through the Black Forest and experience the twisting roads and jaw dropping scenery of the Voges Mountains in Eastern France. What more could you ask for?

  • Medieval Towns and Castles of Germany’s heartland
  • The 88 bends of the Kyffauser in southern Harz
  • Two “Dambuster” dams of Eder Dam and Mohne Dam
  • Nurburgring and Colditz Castle Rideouts
  • The B500 in the German Black Forest, a fast wide road across the forest ridge that constantly appears in top 10 biking roads in the world
  • Deep forests and the twisty roads of the Vosges Mountains
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Northern Spain

This is an escorted motorcycle tour of Spain, covering the Picos de Europa and Portugal.

This trip is full of mountains, lush open countryside, lakes, rivers and mind-blowing food.

The Picos de Europa loop and the ride down into Portugal is famous in biker circles for glorious traffic free, silky smooth roads. These roads wind through hundreds of miles of breath taking sun drenched scenery.

No other location offers such a variety of brilliant roads, great weather and wonderful cuisine so close to home.

Our route takes us along the famous “pots and pans” route, through the magnificently changeable scenery of northern Spain and down through the national parks into Portugal. We will spend a few days there enjoying the wine region and even more national parks, before returning back up to the bottom of the Picos de Europa for a final taste of the rugged green motorcyclists paradise.

  • Santiago de Compostela pilgrim route and cathedral
  • High Hills of western Gallicia
  • Da Peneda-Gerês National Park and the ancient Portuguese capital of Guimaraes
  • The wine growing region of the Duoro valley
  • Serra de Estrela Mountains and national park
  • Sierra de la Culebra hunting reserve
  • Lake of Riańo
  • Best roads and weather in Europe
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Southern Spain

Southern sun, city breaks and advanced training are some of the best things this bike tour of southern Spain. The time of year means sunny weather combined with tasty food, great hotels and interesting destinations. Above all there are smooth traffic free roads, which are perfect to ride on.

We start the tour by spending a day exploring the Picos de Europa before heading down south to the Cathedral city of Salamanca. From here we have a ride out day planned, or you are free to explore the city before we continue down south via the Cazalla de la Sierra onto Andalucia and the Moorish capital of Granada with the best tapas in Spain!

We move east on this tour from Granada stopping in Cuenca and Segovia amongst others with time to visit Franco’s tomb and explore some incredible hidden back roads on the journey back up northwards to our ferry home from Santander.

We stay in luxurious Parador and Boutique hotels throughout the trip and with two days off in interesting city destinations this tour is ideal for pillions as well as single riders.

  • Picos de Europa
  • Celtic cathedral city of Salamanca
  • Granada, Alhambra and tapas
  • 7 different regions in Spain ridden through and explored
  • Franco’s tomb in Valle de los Caídos
  • Cazalla de la Sierra in the foothills of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla
  • Lake of Riano
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We ride through many fine countries on our motorcycle tours but few offer the diversity and beauty of the Balkan states of Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia. This really is motorcycling at its best, vast mountain ranges, beautiful coastlines and everything in between all with the unmistakable sparkle of the Mediterranean.

We have days off in Sarajevo and Dubrovnik to explore the culture and terrible histories of these two fantastic cities. Then we explore the Dalmatian coast with an unspoilt coastline which needs to be ridden to be believed, with over 1200 islands and some truly stunning roads you will be in biker heaven.

  • PThe B500 in the German Black Forest, a fast wide road across the forest ridge that constantly appears in the top 10 biking roads of the world
  • Grossglockner High alpine road and glaciers
  • The dramatic Postojna cave system with its 22km of caverns and the castle at Predjama
  • Free days to explore Sarajevo and Dubrovnik
  • Stunning riding up the Dalmatian Coast past Split and the 1200 islands scattered out to sea
  • The world famous Timmelsjoch pass
  • Route des Crêtes in the Vosges Mountains
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Italy (Lakes and Alps)

The Italian Dolomites with their imposing granite peaks and mountain passes make for some incredible riding, coupled with the B500 road through the Black Forest in Germany and the lakes, gorges and twisty roads of the Austrian Alps and you’ve already got the recipe for a great tour.

You’ll ride the world famous Stelvio pass that many argue to be the greatest motorcycling road anywhere, our favourite 5 Swiss mountain passes and the blissful bends of the Vosges Mountains in France.

In Italy we have time on our hands to savour Lake Garda as a base from which to explore the twisting roads linking the smaller lakes, you’ll even ride the famous route taken by James Bond in Quantum of Solace. Venice is an easy day trip away as are the factories and museums of Ducati, Aprilla, Moto Guzzi, Ferarri, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Pagani.

  • The B500 in the German Black Forest, a fast wide road across the forest ridge that constantly appears in the top 10 biking roads of the world
  • Timmelsjoch pass through the Austrian and Italian Alps
  • Lake Garda and Lake Como
  • Waterways of Venice and St Mark’s square
  • The world famous Stelvio pass
  • Route des Crêtes in the Vosges Mountains and the Château-Fort de Bouillon overlooking the town and river of Semois
  • Supercar Factories and museums: Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani
  • Motorcycle Factories and museums: Ducati, Moto Guzzi and Aprilla
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Austrian (Tyrol)

There truly are few finer places in the world to ride your motorcycle than Austria and Switzerland, the roads, the scenery and the people all blend together to make them perfect places in which to explore and enjoy all that riding in the mountains has to offer.

On this trip you will ride across northern France visiting war memorials and having a play in the Vosges mountains before crossing into Germany and tackling the famous B500 in the Black forest. You can visit Hitler’s summer retreat and then head into Austria and the best mountain roads to be found anywhere. You’ll be surrounded by glaciers, alpine lakes and we haven’t even come to Switzerland yet!

You spend several days in Switzerland riding a selection of fine passes, all with stunning views, interspersed with stops at traditional cafes and restaurants to make sure you aren’t rushed and have time to enjoy your surroundings. A firm favourite amongst our riders, this trip isn’t to be missed.

  • The B500 in the German Black Forest, a fast wide road across the forest ridge that constantly appears in the top 10 biking roads of the world
  • Grossglockner High alpine road and glaciers
  • The Eagle’s Nest in Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s summer alpine retreat
  • The 37 cobbled hairpins of the St Gotthard pass as well as the Furka, Neufenen and Grimsel passes in Switzerland
  • Route des Crêtes in the Vosges Mountains
  • Douaumont ossuary WW1 war memorial at Verdun
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Norway and Sweden

To ride above the Arctic Circle in the land of the midnight sun, is an experience that cannot be adequately put into words. Majestic fjords, waterfalls and glaciers all combine to make breathtaking scenery that rivals any that I have seen in far flung corners of the world.

This tour spans Holland and Germany all the way to the Danish border, then the length of Denmark, culminating with a ferry to Norway. This ferry crossing is when the delights of Scandinavia begin in earnest. Following the western coastline of Norway our bikes will sweep from dizzying mountain heights down into spectacular glaciers which have carved deep fjords which we cross by ferry, tunnel or bridge to then mount the opposite side emerging into the stark, crisp, Nordic sunshine.

In Norway you will ride through the longest road tunnel in the world, then you’ll climb the ‘Ladder of the Trolls’, which is famous for its sharp incline and eleven hair-raising hairpin bends. At an elevation of nearly 3,000ft the vistas are unimaginable, especially after the exhilarating experience of riding such a famously challenging road.

  • Fjord crossings by ferry, bridge and underwater tunnel
  • Eagles Road, Trolls Road and Atlantic Road all ridden
  • Geirangerfjord, UNESCO world heritage site and its waterfalls
  • World’s longest road tunnel, the 24.51-kilometre Lærdal tunnel
  • Cross the Arctic circle and visit Arctic Circle raceway and Arctic Circle Discovery Centre
  • Visit a Glacier and/or tour the underground cave system at Mo-i-Rana
  • Ride the Flam scenic railway, one of world’s top 20 railway journeys
  • Swedish lakes and Forests
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France (Corsica)

This fourteen day tour aims to show you some of the best of France’s fine scenery and roads and Corsica’s deserted mountain roads and white sandy beaches, which need to be seen to be believed.

From jaunts into the mountains of the Jura to dramatic alpine passes in the Alps proper we descend the length of the country riding some of the quietest and most dramatic roads.

The route Napoleon and gorge in Verdun offer a mix of majestic natural beauty and perfect tarmac while the French Riviera should satisfy your inner billionaire.

We take the ferry across to Corsica and enjoy three days relaxing by the beaches and riding the stunning cols before making our way back across to the mainland . We then cross the country and ride up towards the lower Pyrenees, over the tallest vehicular bridge in the world in Millau, gliding through national parks and taking in the sights and smells of the Auvergne.

In all an unforgettable trip containing everything that makes France and Corsica such perfect destinations for avid bikers.

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