This road is one of the most incredible roads I have ever had the pleasure of riding, it really is both amazing to ride and breathtakingly beautiful. The Grossglockner road has been used to pass the treacherous alps for more than 3,500 years, by even the Celts and the Romans.

It has been used to import and export coveted items like spices, silks and furs at 2,504 meters above sea level, taking many travellers months to hike over the snowy mountain tops.

Nowadays the 48km road is a haven for bikers, with 36 exhilarating hairpin bends to manoeuvre and the most stunning alpine views you can imagine. The road starts in the city of Bruck, with a short ride through the lush green meadows that follow the Fuscher Ache river, then a short stop at the toll booths before you enter the national park.

Once you have paid your toll (around 25 euro) you can choose to take the road at a leisurely speed, stopping off at the Eidelwiess-Spitz ‘bikers point’ a vantage point that is always full of bikers and several other spots with museums and information points.

I personally would recommend the Eidelweiss-Spitz, as the views really are magnificent, with over 30, 3000m mountains surrounding you, a motorbike ‘carpark’ and a lovely restaurant, its be perfect place to stop for a breather and admire the scenery. (Of course you can also ignore all the stopping points and just choose to ride up and down the road ’til the tolls close.. you wouldn’t be the first!)

Once you arrive at the crossroad, often called the ‘head of the pass’ you can choose to turn left, which takes you to the tollbooth and finishes your ride, OR you can keep going straight on (this is what I would recommend). Going straight takes you to the GlocknerHaus mountain hut at the Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Hohe lookout point, named after the Austrian prince, who used to take his consort Elizabeth there when the were courting in the mid 1800s.

This little piece of idyllic scenery is appealingly linked to romantic history, and again offers an amazing view over the Pasterze glacier. Then all you have to do is carry on south to the third toll booth.. head back to your hotel and reminisce over the view with a cold beer in hand and a group of ‘hairy bikers’ to laugh with.

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