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Magellan’s Guided tours start out from the UK and take you on adventures across Europe, Scandinavia, former Eastern Block countries, North Africa and more.
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You can tour on your own motorcycle or we can arrange rental for you, many of our trips have two of our riders on them to ensure you have the best level of support and we arrange the transport, hotels, stops, navigation and many meals to save you the hassle.

We don’t force clients to ride together in a group or stick to the drop off system, everyone has the full route including all stops loaded into their satnavs and are free to ride at any pace they are comfortable with. Our guides conduct morning briefings, update everyone regularly through the day by text/whatsapp, arrange evening meals, off bike activities etc… and are generally on hand 24/7 to offer support and assistance where required to make sure everyone has a smooth hassle free holiday.

So what do you do it you lose your passport in Bosnia, fall off your bike in Morocco, get a catastrophic puncture in the alps on a bank holiday or your wheel bearing fails in Eastern Europe? Well your Magellan guide steps in to save the day! No matter how well prepared you are life has a way of throwing you a curveball and that’s why we’re here to help.

Magellan Riders on road

We run support vehicles on tours that head to Morocco to help in case of breakdowns or incidents but in mainland Europe there is a very comprehensive breakdown recovery network and our guides are all well versed in getting people back on the road quickly if the need arises.

Our tours are about more than just the riding though, we have plenty of days off the bike scheduled in to immerse you in the culture of the places we travel through and with shorter days in the saddle more time to relax in the evenings or stop during the day for photos and sightsee. Customers who tour with us tend to come back time and time again, making friends they stay in touch with for years to come, So what are you waiting for, come join the Magellan family today.

Hire your dream bike

If you don’t own or don’t want to take your own bike we can arrange bike hire for your trip. Select from our range of rental machines or if you’ve always dreamed of a special bike or something exotic just get in touch and we’ll try and source it for you.

Hiring a bike

Insider knowledge

All our guides are experienced motorcyclists, have ridden the routes before and most speak multiple languages giving you the inside track on your adventure.
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