The cardinal rule is everyone takes too much the first time! Our tour packs cover everything you will need in a variety of different categories as below:

Riding Gear
Casual Clothes
Miscellaneous bits and pieces

This will help you bring what you actually need and leave the rest behind. We also offer advice on the types of bike kit to wear or buy and some great little tips and tricks from the guides too. After millions of miles on tours all around the world we’ve mastered the art of packing light and are always happy to share this with our riders.

Advice from RiderCamTV
Toby and Mark in their other lives as presenters of the ever popular RiderCamTV have made a great video below that gives a good intro into packing for your trip.

Why not “like & subscribe” to their channel for other tips, tricks and general biker banter.

Guides with passion

Our guides have all travelled extensively around the world and have a shared love for everything two wheels. Magellan guides are one of the reasons our customers travel with us again and again. 
Who’ll lead your next Magellan adventure?

Our Team