Scandinavia and The Arctic Circle

Norway & Sweden

Scandinavia and The Arctic Circle

Norway & Sweden

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Scandinavia and The Arctic Circle
Norway & Sweden

Ride your motorcycle to the land of the Midnight Sun and experience a tour unlike any other.

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21 Day Self-Guided Tour

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Ride your motorcycle to the land of the Midnight Sun and experience a tour unlike any other.
Ben Spear and Felix Billington.
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Riding above the Arctic Circle in the land of the midnight sun is an experience that cannot adequately be described. Majestic fjords, epic waterfalls and impressive glaciers all combine to make breathtaking scenery that rival any that can be seen elsewhere and experiencing this from the seat of your bike is the cherry on the cake!
  • Self Guided Tour
  • 21 Days
  • 3500 miles
  • Harwich, UK

June to August

You kick off this amazing trip riding through Holland and Germany all the way to the Danish border, then riding the length of Denmark south to north through fields and forests to reach the port of Hirtshals for the ferry to Norway. Once off the ferry, the true Scandinavian beauty surrounds you as you start island hopping and crossing eerie fjords to your hotel near Voss.

The first ride out/rest day comes with options in and out of the saddle. You can ride the secret Norwegian biker road to the dizzy heights of the surrounding mountains or cross the adjacent fjord and ride through the fruit farms of Hardanger peninsular or even ride to the Flam scenic railway. If you fancy something more sedate there are plenty of quiet walks around the fjords from your hotel where you can appreciate the incredible scenery by foot.

Ben Spear, Trip guide
Ben Spear, Trip guide

Norway is often the trip people are most suprised by. Just how dramatic the scenery and empty the roads are. Come and join me in August and experience a beautiful country with tremendous twisty roads.

Ride the Ladder of the trolls

Leaving Voss you ride to Geiranger which lies at the head of the world heritage site of the truly magnificent Geiranger Fjord with it’s deep blue water and mountains that look otherworldly. Stunning views, ferries and the longest road tunnel in the world are on the agenda today as you make your way to Geiranger village for two nights. With a day off in this majestic little town we have some epic options to keep you busy in and out the saddle.

You can ride the world famous hairpins on the Ladder of Trolls via the equally twisty Eagles road alternatively you can take a boat trip up the fjord or take a walk to a nearby waterfall that has a walkway behind the falling water into the mountain. Onwards from here you have yet another amazing day’s ride along the renowned Atlantic road on your way to Kristianund. Constructed by bridging the Atlantic Ocean between a series of small islands this world famous route is often described as one of the most spectacular roads in the world.

Riding almost due north up the narrow spine of Norway through seemingly endless pine woods and forests, you arrive at Mo-i-rana, the Norwegian gateway to the Arctic Circle and your base for two nights. Ride-out options include a trip to the Arctic Circle, an underground tour of the nearby caves and a visit to one of the northern glaciers which carved the majestic Norwegian Fjords you’ve been riding past!

We then wave goodbye to Norway heading east over the mountains into Sweden, riding through dense forests, past pretty lakes and colourful meadows to our hotel in Mora where we have another ride out/ rest day. You can ride around the rim of the largest meteor crater in Europe, visit Santa land, go to the beautifully preserved house of the Swedish artist Anders Zorn or give your bike a well-deserved break while you enjoy the pool and spa facilities. From here we make our way back down through Denmark, Germany and then Holland to our return overnight ferry back to the UK.

Discover your inner Viking in Norway on a spectacular 21 day tour of Scandinavia.

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Tour highlights

Ride across Holland, up through Germany and the length of Denmark: In keeping with our ethos, we avoid the main motorway routes and ride mainly through the open countryside.

Fjord crossings by ferry, bridge and underwater tunnel: We follow the western coastline of Norway with bikes sweeping from dizzying mountain heights down into spectacular glaciers.

Ride the Flam scenic railway, one of world’s top 20 railway journeys: In the span of an hour, the train takes you from sea level at the Sognefjord in Flåm to the Myrdal mountain station at 867 metres above sea level.

'We went over mountains, we went around mountains, we went through mountains. The traffic-free roads are glorious for biking, the scenery is breathtaking; even the tunnels are fun from a biker’s point of view.``
Ian Marsden, The Telegraph.

Eagles Road, Trolls Road and Atlantic Road all ridden: The Eagles road connects two famous Norweigan sights, Geirangerfjord and the Trollstigen road. Next the Trollstigen road or ‘Ladder of the trolls’ is at an elevation of nearly 3,000ft, and the vistas are unimaginable. Then the Atlantic road which was constructed by bridging the vast Atlantic Ocean with huge stretches of perfectly straight roads and the icon twisty bridge.

Geirangerfjord, UNESCO world heritage site: With numerous waterfalls and free-flowing rivers, deciduous and coniferous woodlands and forests, glacial lakes, glaciers, rugged mountains and a range of other natural attributes, it is one of the most scenically outstanding landscapes in the world.

World’s longest road tunnel: The Lærdal Tunnel is a 15.23 mile long road tunnel connecting Lærdaland Aurland and Sogn og Fjordane with LED mood-lighting no less!

Cross the Arctic circle and visit Arctic Circle raceway: We visit the Arctic Circle discovery centre and the most northerly racetrack in the world, stopping off at a surprise motorcycle museum on the way.

Swedish lakes and Forests: 53.1% of Sweden is covered in forest, and our journey home cuts through the pine forests and past the lakes and meadows that define this beautiful country.

Geiranger Fjord

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Tour Map / Itinerary

Full Itinerary

Day 1

En-suite cabin accommodation on board.

Day 2 237 Miles

Through the open countryside of Holland and much of Germany to your overnight stop in Oldenberg.

Day 3 180 Miles

You ride through the German countryside and cross the Elbe by ferry to Flensburg.

Day 4 231 Miles

Today you ride the whole length of Denmark south to north to your hotel in the ferry port of Hirtshals.

Day 5 137 Miles

After catching an early ferry to Norway you arrive in Kristiansand and ride to your 100-year-old traditional Norwegian hotel in Sandnes near Stavanger.

Day 6 176 Miles

Island hopping by bridge, tunnel and ferry to arrive in your base for two nights in the Voss area.

Day 7 Explore Day / Rideout Day

Your choice of ride-outs today or a relaxing day off the bike.

Day 8 225 Miles

Leaving the Voss area you ride until you reach your base for the next two nights in Geiranger village.

Day 9 Explore Day / Rideout Day

A ride-out day to either the world-famous Troll’s ladder via the Road of the Eagles or take a boat trip up the magnificent Geiranger Fjord.

Day 10 118 Miles

Atlantic road to Kristiansund. You overnight in a unique island hotel accessible only by boat.

Day 11 194 Miles

The ride northwards past Hell (the village!).

Day 12 168 Miles

You ride to Mo-i-rana, the Norwegian gateway to the Arctic Circle and your base for the next two nights.

Day 13 Rideout Day

Ride-out day to the Arctic Circle!

Day 14 290 Miles

You ride east over the mountains into Sweden to your hotel in Stromsund.

Day 15 230 Miles

You ride through national parks visiting Osterund to arrive in lakeside Mora for a two-night stay.

Day 16 Explore Day / Rideout Day

Your choice of a ride-out today or a day relaxing off the bike.

Day 17 214 Miles

Leaving Mora we ride south again to Gothenburg for the ferry over to Denmark.

Day 18 220 Miles

Riding back through rural Denmark to our hotel in the harbour town of Flensburg.

Day 19 200 Miles

Leaving Denmark we ride through most of Germany to our hotel in Wardenburg.

Day 20 230 Miles

South through Germany and Holland to catch the overnight ferry to the UK from the Hook of Holland.

Day 21

Arrive back in Harwich at 6am.

What's included
Ferry returns Harwich – Hook of Holland with cabin and Hirtshals to Kristiansand.
18 Nights accommodation in good quality hotels, plus 2 nights ferry cabin accommodation.
Excellent breakfast each morning in the hotels.
Full use of all hotels' leisure and spa facilities.
Detailed route plans and maps.
GPS routes (Garmin / Tom Tom)
Detailed daily itinerary including sights and suggested coffee and lunch stops. .
What's not
Toll charges and ferry charges for short crossings. (We will provide an estimate of costs in the tour pack).
Admission charges.
Occasional hotel parking charges.
Meals and drinks.
Travel/Breakdown insurance covering repatriation back to the UK.

Common questions about this trip

Can I get a different crossing on this trip?

Of course, if you would like us to book a different ferry crossing point just let us know in the comments section of your booking form and we can organise this for you.

When is the best time of year to do this trip?

July and August as a rule although June can work with a dash of luck. The riding season in Norway is very short and many of the areas we travel through are impassable outside of this window.

Is Norway as expensive as people say?

In a word, yes. Although lunches are quite reasonable where we plan the stops, the real kicker is the cost of alcohol in some of the hotels but there is always a shop nearby if you want to go and get a couple of beers or a bottle of wine to enjoy on the terraces.

I’ve heard the speed limits are really low in Norway, is this true?

In some areas they can be fairly low but most roads are in the usual 80/90kmph limit you would expect from any European country. Speed cameras in general are forward facing so not so much of an issue on bikes and police are few and far between although if caught speeding fines can be means tested and very high so do take care.

It's a long tour, will I be too tired and is it suitable for pillions?

While the number of days is high its done so that we don’t have to use motorways and can keep the daily riding times much lower than most other companies so it shouldn’t be too tiring. We also have 4 rest days scheduled in with plenty of off bike activities so that combined with the standard of hotels we use on the trips makes it a perfect trip for pillions.

Is it possible to do this tour in less time?

Yes, for those with less time we now offer a shipping service so that you can ride whatever amount of the tour you have time for and then fly back while we sort having your bike collected and shipped back to your home address. Just drop us an email and we’ll price this option up for you.

More information
For general information on planning and preparing for motorcycle trips including what to pack please see our Prepare for your trip section.
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