Dambusters, Colditz, Black Forest & Vosges


Dambusters, Colditz, Black Forest & Vosges


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Dambusters, Colditz, Black Forest & Vosges

Explore fairytale castles and forests with some WW2 history and epic roads thrown into the mix.

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8 Day Self-Guided Tour

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Explore fairytale castles and forests with some WW2 history and epic roads thrown into the mix.
Ben Spear and Felix Billington.
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The heartland of Germany is not only home to some of our much-loved childhood fairytales but also some of the finest motorcycling roads and scenery in Europe, a real cultural and riding melting pot brimming over with cobbled streets, magical castles, hairpin bends and a certain infamous black forest.
  • Self Guided Tour
  • 8 Days
  • 1500 miles
  • Folkestone, UK

March to October

Your adventure begins with a leisurely cruise through France and Belgium towards the picturesque Eifel National Park in the west of Germany. Stopping at the Mohne Dam in the Ruhr Valley, heroically breached by the Lancasters of 617 squadron (the infamous Dambusters) in 1943.

From the Mohne Dam, you ride through the magical, medieval Harz mountains the land of German folklore, home to the wicked witch and dwarfs from the Brothers Grimm tales and onto your base near Colditz. You have a day to tour the castle and wonder at the ingenuity of those famous escape attempts.

From Colditz we ride towards Boppard, stopping off at another site immortalised by the Dambusters - the Eder Dam. We then ride along the Rhine Valley, a visual feast that can only truly be enjoyed in the saddle of a motorcycle, to visit the medieval castles of Burg Eltz and Marksburg. For those who feel the need for speed an alternative is to visit the Nurburgring whether you take your bike for a lap or two or just enjoy the sights and smells of the racetrack it's an experience you'll never forget!

From exhilarating to relaxing you meander along the riverside, through vineyards to Baden Baden, the baths here have hosted famous figures from Roman emperors to Napoleon and are a perfect place to wind down after a day in the saddle.

Medieval Germany at its best

Get your biking bucket lists out! We’ve got one of Europe’s most amazing motorcycling roads to cross off. The B500 has long been considered a motorcyclist’s dream. Riding from Baden Baden through the Black Forest, it delivers on its promise of being one of the best with its scenic beauty and hairpin bends to keep even the most seasoned riders on their toes!

From one iconic road to another its a true biker’s feast as you leave Germany then take on the Vosges mountains in France before heading to your hotel. After dreaming of hairpins, forests and medieval castles it’s time to leave and make your way back towards Calais with a head full of memories, a face full of smiles and a bike with lots more miles!

From Dambusters to fairy tale Damsels in Distress its a ‘Dam’ heroic roadtrip!

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Tour highlights

Two “Dambuster” dams of Eder Dam and Mohne Dam: Situated in beautiful countryside are two Dams iconic in recent German history, take a walk over them and see the breaching sites or take a stroll around the lake and enjoy a well earned rest.

Medieval castles: Burg Eltz and Castle Marksburg: Burg Eltz, still owned by the thirty-third generation of the Eltz family offers an insight into the rich and elegant history of a castle that looks fit for cinderella, while Castle Marksburg a short ride away gives an insight into a true fortress.

Germany Dambusters
'What a great trip! Great roads, great company, great organisation… My second tour this year with Magellan Motorcycle Tours. Thoroughly enjoyable ... Well planned routes with a variety of road types to suit all tastes and brilliant having all the routes pre downloaded onto my satnav before I left.'
Paul T

Harz mountains: The Harz region is a proper biker’s playground largely undiscovered by riders outside of Germany. We ride through a fantastic section on our way to Colditz, quiet, traffic free smooth tarmac and not a speed camera in sight!

Colditz Castle: Tour the castle and see the escape routes with a guide. A great way to spend an afternoon for any avid history enthusiasts or for those who enjoyed the series ‘Colditz’ in the 70’s!  

If you feel the need for speed, you can skip the castle visit and instead visit this iconic racetrack. A couple of laps may be possible if booked in advance…

The B500 in the German Black Forest: The B500 is consistently listed on the top ten biking roads in the world, and it’s not difficult to see why when you’re on the twists and curves through the forest.

Deep forests and the twisty roads of the Vosges Mountain: Take a ride on a section of the Tour de France course in the Vosges mountains, a well known series of local biker roads in the deep leafy forests makes this as picturesque as it is fun!

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The cobbled streets of rural Germany

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Tour Map / Itinerary

Full Itinerary

Day 1 243 Miles

Through France and Belgium and on to your first hotel destination in the Eifel Mountain region of Germany.

Day 2 170 Miles

Scenic ride through the German countryside, and a visit to the Mohne Dam.

Day 3 151 Miles

From the Mohne Dam you ride through the Harz Mountains and onto your base near Colditz.

Day 4 180 Miles

You tour Colditz this morning, and then ride back to central Germany.

Day 5 170 Miles

We ride towards Boppard, stopping off at the Eder Dam and finish at our next base after visits to either the Burg Eltz and Marksburg castles, or the Nurburgring.

Day 6 145 Miles

You then make your way along the riverside, winding through vineyards ending in Baden Baden.

Day 7 162 Miles

From Baden Baden, you ride one of Germany’s most famous roads, the B500. Then cross into France and tackle the Vosges mountains towards your hotel in the heart of the mountains.

Day 8 360 Miles

You ride north through the epic scenery of the Vosges before hopping on faster roads to get back across France and on to the channel tunnel.

What's included
Euro Tunnel return trip Folkestone-Calais (if Folkestone isn’t convenient for you do please get in touch as other crossings can be arranged see Q&As below).
7 Nights accommodation in good quality hotels.
Excellent breakfast each morning.
Full use of all hotels’ leisure facilities.
Detailed route plans and maps.
GPS routes (Garmin / Tom Tom).
Detailed daily itinerary including sights and suggested coffee / lunch stops.
What's not
Toll charges.
Admission charges.
Occasional hotel parking charges.
Meals and drinks.
Travel/Breakdown insurance covering repatriation back to the UK.

Common questions about this trip

Can I get a different crossing on this trip?

Of course, many of our clients cross by ferry from further north. If you would like to do this and make your own way to the hotel on the first night just let us know in the comments section of your booking form and we will deduct the cost of the Eurotunnel crossing from your booking.

When is the best time of year to do this trip?

April to September as a rule although March and October can work with a dash of luck weather wise if you don’t mind the chance of a little snow on the mountain peaks!
Grossglockner: Beginning of May to the end of October.
Timmelsjoch: Early June until mid-October.

There aren't any rest days on this tour will I be too tired?

You shouldn’t be no, we have launched this trip in response to demand for a shorter option for riders who only have a week to spare. It’s based on our popular 11 day Harz trip but with a couple of short sections of Autobahn dropped in to help shorten some of the days. There is still plenty of off bike time touring Colditz, the Castles on the Rhine and the Nurburgring.

Can I ride the Nurburgring?

Yes you can, you need to pre-book though and we provide full details in the tour pack for this.

More information
For general information on planning and preparing for motorcycle trips including what to pack please see our Prepare for your trip section.
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